Botanical drawings

In their use of seed remains, Amy Bogaard and Angela Walker worked with extant remains of another ancient transformative process: both the transformation of wild vegetation to cultivated vegetation through activities of planting, tending, harvesting and plant processing; and the unplanned and preservational transformation of fragile and perishable organic remains through prehistoric fires. Walker’s exploitation of the waste from her scientific analysis (the sludge washed away from the preserved seeds) as a medium for representing the seeds themselves brings the transformative loop back on itself.

Angela's scientific and art residency took place in July 2009 and July 2010 and some of the outputs produced contributed to the Măgura Past & Present exhibition at the Teleorman County Museum.

Visit the Media-Resources section to read Amy and Angela's report on Neolithic plant use at Măgura-Buduiasca [pdf, 1mb]

Visit the Media-Resources section to read Angela's chapter in the Interventions: Măgura Past & Present book [pdf, 1mb]

Traditional botanical drawing of prehistoric seeds Drawing of prehistoric seed using the waste from scientific analysis