Sound recording

Simon Thorne’s soundscape transformation gives voice to the village landscape; by careful attention to listening, is it possible to hear the transformative continuities and disruptions evident to the eye? Using the unstable media of charcoal and chalk, the school children improvised and negotiated a map showing the distribution of sonic events and qualities of the village in a collective act of expression. Through recordings of soundwalks and interior spaces (village churches), the rhythms, resonances and oscillations of everyday Măgura begin to reveal themselves and thus created a context wherein the listener is satisfied to dwell, and be transformed within a field of listening.

Visit the Media - Audio section to listen to Simon's two main peices of work: Măgura soundscape and Some spaces.

Simon's art residency took place in July 2010 and some of the outputs produced contributed to the Măgura Past & Present exhibition at the Teleorman County Museum.

Visit the Media-Resources section to read Simon's chapter in the Interventions: Măgura Past & Present book [pdf, 2mb]

Mapping sound with school children and sound recording in the Claniţa River Valley