Neolithic in Teleorman County exhibition

This new permanent exhibition opened at the Teleorman County Museum on 14th May 2011.

The exhibition focusses on the Early Neolithic (6100-5000 BC) in Teleorman County and is largely based on the Southern Romania Archaeological Project and Teleorman County Museum excavations at Măgura-Buduiasca between 2000 and 2006; see the Project-Archaeology section for further information.  The exhibition space was conceptualised, designed and constructed by members of the Măgura Past & Present project and features scientific contributions on chronology, pottery, stone tools and plant remains by members of the project.

The exhibition includes reconstructions of Early Neolithic dwellings and material culture and a multimedia learning environment with an online information kiosk and digital multimedia display system.

Please visit the Media-Resources section to see publications and reports about, and contributing to, the exhibition.

Neolithic exhibition at the Teleorman County Museum