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The Măgura Trecut şi Prezent proiectul was only possible with the assistance encouragement, hospitality, advice and support of many people from many different places. In particular we would like to thank the following.
The staff at the Muzeul Judeţean Teleorman: Ecaterina Ţânţăreanu, Pavel Mirea, Pompilia Zaharia, Florin Otomega, Traian Măzărar, Liviu Nicolescu, Ion Torcică and Mădălina Dumitru.
The Mayor of Măgura: Atanase Ionescu.
The director of the Şcoala de Arte şi Meserii Măgura: Lidia Măldăianu.
The teachers and students of the Şcoala de Arte şi Meserii Măgura.
The people of Măgura who were hosts, collaborators, guides and participants in the project.
The Cardiff University partner would like to thank the Art-Landscape Transformations project coordinators, Gonçalo Velho and Conceição Catroga, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Portugal, for their continued support throughout the project.
From Cardiff University, we thank Anne Brown, Susan Virgo, Cery Philips, Rebecca Blackwell and Eevi Laukkanen for adminstrative support and Ian Freestone, Peter Coss and Alasdair Whittle for research support.
For creative inspiration in the design and compilation of the Interventions: Măgura Trecut şi Prezent  book we thank Ian Dennis ‘Atilla the Brum’, Archaeological Illustrator, Cardiff University. 

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