Măgura Trecut ş Prezent expoziţie

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Măgura Past & Present exhibition posterThis temporary expoziţie (Noiembrie 2010 - Iunie 2011) opened at the Muzeul Judeţean Teleorman on Noiembrie 3rd 2010.

The expoziţie displays outputs from the activităţi, workshops and artists in residence produced as part of the Măgura Trecut şi Prezent project.

The project team conceptualised, designed and constructed the expoziţie space to contain the desene, ceramicii, fotografii, audio and video produced during the lifetime of the project.

The Măgura Trecut şi Prezent book [pdf, 15mb] presents reflections by some of the project participants on the art residencies, workshops and exhibitions they were involved with and addresses issues to do with intervention, national and international collaboration, participation, and the relevance, meaning and accessibility of artistic and scholarly outputs to diverse audiences.



Visit the Mass-media section to view and listen to the project's desene, fotografii, audio and video.

Măgura Trecut şi Prezent expoziţie