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The Măgura Past & Present project is a partnership between the School of History and Archaeology, Cardiff University, the Teleorman County Museum, Alexandria and the School of Arts & Crafts, Măgura and residents of the village of Măgura. The project is directed by Douglass Bailey and Steve Mills (Cardiff University) in partnership with Ecaterina Ţânţăreanu and Pavel Mirea (Teleorman County Museum), and facilitated by the Mayor of Măgura, Atanase Ionescu, and the staff of the School of Arts & Crafts Măgura (Lidia Măldăianu, School Director). Participants include people from Măgura and a team of archaeologists and artists from the UK, France and from Bucureşti, Alexandria and Măgura.

Douglass BaileyDouglass Bailey is Head of the Department of Anthropology at San Francisco State University. My research and teaching interests range widely. Current work focuses on the archaeology of art and visual culture; I have been studying topics as diverse as prehistoric anthropomorphic figurines, Surrealist periodicals, and early 20th century photography. A long-running interest is the prehistory of eastern Europe; I have published widely on Neolithic architecture, landscape, and the body. Currently, I am co-PI of the Southern Romania Archaeological Project, a long-running, excavation and survey carried out in collaboration with colleagues in Bucureşti and Alexandria, Romania. More recent work celebrates the complexities of representation, material culture and the role of the human senses in understanding.

Steve MillsSteve Mills is Lecturer in IT Applications in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University. My research focuses on the role and contribution of the senses in prehistory with a particular emphasis on sound; the Neolithic of southeast Europe; the contribution of new media to the (re)presentation of heritage; and archaeological survey and mapping and the application of Geographical Information Systems to archaeological data-sets.  Recent research projects include the Southern Romania Archaeological Project, the Catacombs of Annubis at Saqqara and the Lyonesse project on the Isles of Scilly, UK.


Ecaterina Ţânţăreanu is the Director of the Muzeul Judeţean Teleorman.

Pavel Mirea is the Principal Archaeologist at the Muzeul Judeţean Teleorman.

Atanase Ionescu is the Mayor of Măgura.

Lidia Măldăianu is the Director of the Şcoala de Arte şi Meserii Măgura.